This is what I have so far…Am doesnt like the misfire table but i think the great reward of a firearm is offset by the great risk of using one. This is not the final draft and I am still looking at ways of improving this system. Let me know your thoughts.

Rules for Firearms

  • Using firearms requires the Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Firearms) feat. This feat allows the use of all firearms. Those without the feat may fire at -4 and reload in twice the number of rounds listed below.
  • Reloading a firearm always provokes attacks of opportunity.
  • Firearms can be magically enhanced like other missile weapons. Bullets can also be enchanted but shot ammunition cannot. Firearms follow the standard rules for magical item creation and cost but cannot be enchanted with speed or brilliant energy.
  • Firearms are still in their infancy, and are not always reliable. Whenever a 1 is rolled on a firearms attack roll, another d20 is rolled against the Firearms Misfire table.
  • Firearms using solid shot use open ended damage dice. If any of the damage dice roll the maximum result for that die (4 on a 1d4; 6 on 1d6 etc) the attacker continues to roll that die until a maximum result is not rolled adding all results together to calculate damage. Again, this does not apply to firearms that inflict damage in an area of effect. Creatures immune to critical hits are not subject to open ended dice.

    New Feat
    Firearms Drill
    You have spent long hours drilling with various firearms, making loading them quickly second nature to you.
    Prerequisite: Dex 13+
    Benefit: This feat reduces your firearms reload time by one move action. This feat can be taken in conjunction with Rapid Reload to make reloading pistols a free action and muskets a full round action.

Firearms Misfire

D20 Roll Result
1-3 Kaboom! Weapon explodes, inflicting normal damage to user.
4-8 Fouled: The barrel becomes fouled. An hour must be spent cleaning it out before the weapon can be used again. This effect can be avoided (instead being a Failed Ignition) if the player specifically states that she cleans her weapon following each combat.
9-12 Jammed: The clockwork firing mechanism jams. Clearing the jam requires 1d6 full round actions. It may be fired the round after clearing.
13-16 Weak Charge: Too little powder was used to prime the weapon, so the shot fired to no effect. Reload as normal.
17-20 Failed Ignition: Either the firing mechanism fails to produce a spark or the powder simply fails to ignite. The weapon does not go off but can be fired without having to reload.

Firearm Cost Size Type Damage Critical Range Weight Load Time
Stinger Pistol 120gp 1h P 2d4 x3 10’ 1 lbs. 1 Round
Privateer Pistol 200gp 1h P 2d6 x3 30’ 3 lbs. 1 Round
Double Pistol 400gp 1h P 2d6 x3 20’ 5 lbs. 1 Round per barrel
Dragon Pistol 500gp 1h P 2d8 x3 20’ 4 lbs. 1 Round
Dragon Musket 750gp 2h P 2d10 x3 80’ 6 lbs. 2 Rounds
Gorgon GG Musket 650gp 2h P 3d6 x3 60’ 10 lbs. 2 Rounds
Harpy GG* 550gp 2h P 2d6** x2 30’ 7 lbs. 2 Rounds
Hydra Musket 1200gp 2h P 2d10 x3 50’ 7 lbs. 2 Rounds per barrel
Medusa Musket* 750gp 2h P 1d12 x2 special 8 lbs. 2 Rounds
Spyglass Musket* 950gp 2h P 2d8 x3 100’ 6 lbs. 2 Rounds
Titan Swivel Gun* 1500gp 2h P 4d6 x2 special 25 lbs. 2 Rounds
Powder Bomb 150gp 1h special 3d6** NA 10 1 lbs. NA
Smoke Bomb 30gp 1h special NA NA 10 1 lbs. NA
  • *Special Rules Apply. See Weapon Description
  • ** Splash Damage 1d6.
Ammunition Cost Weight
Shot and Powder (1 load) 15sp
Powder Horn (10 shots) 10gp 1 lb.
Ammunition Pouch (10 shots) 5gp 1 lb.
Cannon Cost Type Damage Critical Range Weight Load Time
Small Cannon 1000gp P 6d6 x3 150 500 lbs. 4 Rounds
Large Cannon 2500gp P 8d6 x3 200 1500 lbs. 6 Rounds
Ammunition Cost Weight
Cannonball and Powder (1 load) 5gp 25 lbs.
Grapeshot and Powder 15gp 25 lbs.
Explosive Charge and Powder (1 load) 50gp 25 lbs.
Accessory Cost Size Type Damage Critical Range Weight
Bayonet* 5gp 1h P 1d8 x3 1 lbs.
Spring Loaded Bayonet 15gp 1h P 1d8 x3 2 lbs.
  • *Firearm can’t be fired while bayonet is fixed.

Notes About Cannon Ammo:
The damages listed above are for a cannonball. Grapeshot is a mass of tiny pellets that covers a radius of 10 feet but inflicts only half damage. Grapeshot reduces the effective range of the cannon by half. Explosive charges also reduce the effective range of the cannon by half and explode on impact, inflicting the listed damage in a 10-foot radius. A reflex saving throw (DC 20) reduces the damage by half for both grapeshot and explosive charges.

Firearm Descriptions

Stinger Pistol
The stinger is a lightweight and concealable pistol that can still take down an opponent at short range. It is a favorite among wealthy merchants, high-class call girls, and fearful politicians.

Privateer Pistol
The Privateer Pistol is one of the most reliable side arms available. The weapon receives a + 1 on the firearms misfire table. The Privateer is quite popular amongst pirate captains. Some carry as many as three or four loaded and ready to fire.

Double Pistol
This pistol has two barrels, so one can fire it twice before needing to reload. It shares a basic design with the Privateer but is heavier and clumsy to fire. Trying to fire the weapon twice in the same round (provided the character can make multiple attacks) results in a penalty of -2 to hit with the second shot due to recoil.

Dragon Pistol
This weapon features an iron dragon’s head around the muzzle, so its shot comes from the dragon’s mouth. While this weapon hits harder than other pistols available it is plagued by design flaws that make it more dangerous to use. The weapon receives a -1 on the firearms misfire table.

Dragon Musket
This firearm is a larger, longer-barreled version of the dragon pistol with better range and inflicting greater damage. The weapon receives a -1 on the firearms misfire table.

Gorgon GG Musket
Developed shortly after the Privateer, this musket quickly proved itself in combat. Wealthy sea captains have purchased these weapons for their elite sharpshooters.

Harpy GG
This short-barreled weapon uses a simple charge to lob a crude grenade farther than a man could throw. It isn’t particularly accurate, but it works well on ships packed with marines or simply as a distraction. This weapon uses rules for grenade-like weapons found in the PHB on page 158. Splash damage is 1d6.

Hydra Musket
This Musket gets its name from the fact that it has three barrels. Each barrel has a separate trigger; thus, one can fire the weapon three times without loading. However, for an extra 250 gp, one can fit it with a master trigger that allows the user to fire all three at once. All three attacks are rolled independently, and all must be fired at the same target. It is not possible to fire only two barrels.

Medusa Musket
The Medusa has a shorter barrel than the gorgon due to its close-support role. It is loaded with a bag of small lead pellets. This sprays out a hail of lead in front of the firer, but does not allow for accurate shooting. The attack is resolved as a line attack with a range of 30 feet. Opponents caught in the line can make a reflex save DC 15 for half damage.

Spyglass Musket
This weapon is made for precision at long ranges. The weapon ignores its first range increment. (So penalties for range begin at 200 feet.)

Titan Swivel Gun
The Titan is too big for a medium-sized humanoid to fire normally so it is usually mounted on ships or walls. It can fire either a solid shot or, like the Medusa, fire a spray of lead pellets (or, in a pinch, nails or rocks). Ideal for boarding actions the Titan fires a 30 foot cone of sipping metal. Anyone caught in the area takes damage with a DC 18 reflex save for half.

Powder Bomb
This gunpowder explosive has a blast radius of 5 feet. This weapon uses rules for grenade-like weapons found in the PHB on page 158. Splash damage is 1d6.

Smoke Bomb
This nondamaging explosive creates a cloud of smoke in a 20-foot radius that persists in still conditions for 1d3+6 rounds and in windy conditions for 1d3+1 rounds. Visibility within the smoke is limited to 2 feet. Everything within has 90 percent concealment.

Cannon Descriptions

Small Cannon
Cannons are very large firearms. All cannons must be mounted on a solid surface or small platform (often with wheels for transport). This weapon is 4 feet long and made of iron.

Large Cannon
Cannons are very large firearms. All cannons must be mounted on a solid surface or small platform (often with wheels for transport). This weapon is up to 7 feet long and made of iron.


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