Elven Sorceror/Psion/Cerebromancer/Dread Necromancer (now undead lich)


OK – some basic stats from the latest character sheet I could find:

Taliesynn Galadonel, Half-Drow, Sorceror 4 / Kineticist 3/ Cerebromancer 4 / Dread Nec 2
Aignment: CN, Deity Boccob/Orcus, Age: 127, Male, 5’ 0" 134lbs, Green Eyes, Black Hair

STR 13 INT 18 HP: 61 AC: 17, touch 13, flat 14
DEX 16 WIS 14 Fort: +4, Ref: 8, Will: 16
CON 12 CHA 20 Melee: +6, Ranged: +8
Special: DR 2/* (Lich Body)

2 Intelligent Longsword, Frostbrand +8, 1d83+1d6, Crit: 19-20 x2
1 Shortbow, Shocking Burst +9, 1d61+1d6, Crit: x3

Bluff +7, Concentration +14, Craft (Alchemy) +6, Decipher Script +10, Diplomacy +6,
Intimidate +7, Knwledge (Psionics) +10, Knowledge (Arcana) +10, Knowledge (Portals/Gates) +5,
Knowledge (The Planes) +7, Knowledge (Religion) +9, Spellcraft +13, Use Magic Device +7,
Autohypnosis +7, Psicraft +12

Combat Casting, Ghost Attack, Psicrystal Affinity, Psionic Talent 1, Toughness, Font of Life

Special Items
Staff of Eralion, Moss Shroud (+4 AC, Fire Resistance 10, Cold/Acid Resistance 5),
Whistle of Undead Summoning, Scrying Crystal

Common, Draconic, Elven, Khemite, Sylvan

Spells (Sorceror) +5 DC Mod
0: Detect Magic, Disrupt Undead, Light, Mage Hand, Message, Ray of Frost, Read Magic
1: Charm Person, Chill Touch, Color Spray, Magic Missile, Orb of Acid (Lesser)
2: Blindness/Deafness, Dark Way, Spectral Hand
3: Fireball, Stinking Cloud
4: Animate Dead

Spells (Dread Necromancer) +5 DC Mod
1: Bane, Bestow Wound, Cause Fear, Chill Touch, Detect Magic, Detect Undead, Doom,
Hide from Undead, Inflict Light Wounds, Ray of Enfeeblement, Summon Undead I,
Undetectable Alignment

Psi-Powers +4 DC Mod, 63 PP
1: Control Object, Energy Ray, Far Hand, Force Screen, Matter Agitation
2: Concussion Blast, Control Air, Control Sound, Energy Missile, Swarm of Crystals, Tongues
3: Energy Cone, Eradicate Invisibility, Telekinetic Thrust
4: Dimension Door

Staff of Eralion: Shocking Grasp (5d6) 1/day; Burning Hands (5d4) 1/day; Shield 1/day; Mage Armor 1/day; Jump 1/day; Levitate 1/day; Feather Fall 1/day; Mount 2/day; Light 3/day; Detect Magic 3/day; The wielder of the staff may cast spells as though you are 1 level higher. So a 3rd level wizard would do 4d4 with burning hands instead of the normal 3d4. In the possession of a psionic class character the staff gives +2 power points. At the cost of one power point you may also attempt to establish a telepathic link to Eralion (5% chance of success). Attempting such a link will fatigue the psion for one day per attempt (can only be removed through rest). If three attempts fail the psion must stop until the fatigue wears off (three days later). Each additional power point used will increase the success chance by 1%. If a link is established the psion can not be distracted or the link is lost. Maintaining the link is incredibly taxing giving the psion time for only a single question. Successfully establishing a link will fatigue the psion for one week. The connection is just as taxing for Eralion and only one question may be asked per month.

Scrying Crystal: Scrying (1/week; Will DC 18; Prime Material Only), See Invisibility (1/day), Detect Thoughts (1/day; Will DC 18), Telepathy (1/day)
Each of these spells may be cast from the staff while scrying or at a target in the casters presence. You may only scry on creatures that are on the Prime Material Plane.


Before Lichdom…

Taliesynn was born in the elven kingdom of Villandriel, 124 years ago on June 13th. From an early age, he was always marked as displaying traits of his drow ancestors, both in appearance and mannerisms. His powerful personality and keen intellect made up for this however.

When the time came to study magic, Taliesynn seemed to show very little aptitude for it, always thinking that memorizing complex spells and rituals were far too time consuming, and indeed his early attempts at even mere cantrips were a dismal failure. Taliesynn always felt that the traditional methods of practicing magic hid the true nature of it – he always felt that you should be able to manipulate it without the need for spells and rituals, much like his drow ancestors were often known to do.

Failing at magic, Taliesynn took some martial training, and proved to be a competent marksman with a bow, faring moderately well in archery contests, but never excelling at it because he was still puzzled by the true nature of magic which he felt he should be able to manipulate and use … but wizardy seemed beyond him despite his struggles.

Over time, Taliesynn fell in love with Etionné, the daughter of one of the local council members. They were deeply in love, but it was not to last. Thumiél was a sergeant in the local rangers, and following in his fathers footsteps was surely destined to become the commander of the unit before too long. Also like his father – Thumiél was a bully. He despised Taliesynn, even more so when it was announced that Taliesynn would propose to his love on the summer solstice. One night, as light began to fail and twilight fell across the forests, Taliesynn and Etionné were walking through one of the many woodland glades, when Thumiél arranged an ‘accident’. Disguised as orcs, using magic to hide their elven appearance, Thumiél and some of his bully-boys attacked Taliesynn. Easily overpowered, Taliesynn was forced to the ground and began to take a beating. Out of reflex, Taliesynn somehow found the power within himself and raising a handful of the sandy soil in which he had fallen, intending to fling it in the eyes of his attacker, instead released a shimmering fan of magical light. Uncontrolled and fuelled by fear and anger, the color spray spell had much more power than it should – and in the failing light, completely blinded Thumiél permanently, rather than merely temporarily.

Needless to say – things did not go well for Taliesynn, and Thumiél’s father’s influence was sufficient to change events in the eyes of the council to make Thumiél the victim and not Taliesynn. Since sorcery was considered a mark of the drow, no longer practiced by elves – only by half-castes and men, and since the council were now against him, Taliesynn was escorted to the edge of the elven realms with what belongings he could carry – banished forever, never to return and marry his true love.

Since then – Taliesynn has spent his time honing his skills at sorcery, and traveling the human realms, hiring himself out as an adventurer to whomever would pay him. Deeply bitter inside, he would someday like to return to the elven lands and claim his bride, and take retribution on Thumiél and the council who so quickly turned against him.


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