Sveta Knucklebone

A female Half Orc Monk with a body odor that reminds one of raw sewage


Durge Knucklebone was an orc like no other. He looked at his world, and unlike any other orc, he wondered why. Why did destruction constantly follow his people? Why were they so hated? Wasn’t there another way? Durge believed in the idea that orcs could be something more than self destructive brutes but ideas among the orc tribes are a dangerous thing. So Durge kept his mouth shut and feigned joy over murder and pleasure in the rape of their victims waiting for his opportunity to slip out of sight to avoid having to take part.

Durge was an extremely powerful warrior of the Stonecleave tribe that lived on the eastern coast of Helegrod. His skill in battle garnered him a great deal of respect among his tribe’s warriors but skill in battle could only hide his true feelings for so long. Durge was extremely smart but eventually some of the other warriors began to catch on to his ruse and cornered him with a choice. With them they had a young human female who they had captured on a raid in Merethil. As a test they gave the woman to Durge and watched his reaction. Durge knew right away what was going on, acted as he was expected, and took the woman while the other warriors cheered on.

Durge was wrought with guilt over what he had done but he knew that appearances had to be kept up. In public the young woman was “slave” or “meat” but in private she was “Sarah” and Durge did his best to keep her from the public eye. However, his kindness was always returned with cold blank submission. Sarah seemed to be waiting, even praying, for the end.

As time went on it was clear the Sarah was pregnant. This posed additional problems for Durge as he knew that it highly unlikely that a human would survive the violence of orc child birth and that this child would have to be cared for by him. On the day that Sveta was born everything that Durge had feared came true. Sarah died, thus forcing Durge to step outside orcish tradition, taking the child for himself rather than giving her to another female.

At first the other warriors of his tribe were enraged that one of their own would lower themselves to a woman’s duty. However, after the flash of Durge’s axe sent a few heads rolling no one said another word about it.

Sveta grew up fast, as orc children are known to. She was an eager and willful child who Durge often indulged. He took his daughter everywhere he went, even into battle. However, he drew the line at allowing Sveta to participate in many of his tribes traditions or rituals. Durge knew that as a female, regardless of age, Sveta would be the target of advances by other orcs. So Sveta spent the majority of her youth watching orc revelries but never being allowed to participate.

Sveta desperately wanted to join in the orc debauchery, like the other orcs of her age, but her father strictly forbid it. Just after Sveta turned 8 years old she disobeyed Durge and slipped out of their hut. She was soon spotted by three orc warriors who quickly pounced. First they started pushing her between them but one finally ripped at her clothes. Sveta barely let out a scream when she was splattered with blood, the orc arm that grabbed her still clinging to her shirt but falling to her side as her father hacked it off. The other two warriors, caught off guard, fell quickly. Durge didn’t say a word. He took his daughter and returned to their home.

Durge knew that he couldn’t watch Sveta at every moment so he devised a plan that, he thought, would keep the other orcs away from his daughter. He stopped bathing her and continued to encourage her many physical activities that she participated in. As a child she didn’t care one way or another if she had to bathe and she soon began to stink badly. While orcs are not known for their hygiene the aroma that surrounded Sveta was becoming intolerable even by orc standards. Durge even contributed to the fragrance by adding fish heads and other rotting foods to her bed as she slept, slipping them out before she awoke.

By the time Sveta was 9 years old none of the orcs would go near her. However, Durge knew that by her 10th birthday she would be given to a warrior regardless of what he did or what she smelled like. Desperately wanting a better future for his daughter Durge waited for the warriors of his tribe to leave on a raid, packed his few meager possessions, and took Sveta from their village. He decided to make straight for the Merethilian border where he hoped to find someone to take his daughter. He tried to bathe Sveta but it seemed as though the smell had become part of her and no amount of washing could remove it.

As an orc every human he encountered simply ran from Durge forcing him to hide from local militia on multiple occasions. Eventually Durge came upon one of Merethil’s many monasteries. It was an obscure order of monks called the Order of the Open Hand who studied martial arts rather than intellectual endeavors.

The monks here had no fear of a single orc, particularly one who was accompanied by a small child. Durge pleaded in his best common for the monks to take Sveta. At first they refused thinking that he was trying to dump his burdens upon them. Sveta quickly realized what her father was doing and began to cry begging him not to leave. Durge promised that they would see one another again and that she had to stay here for her own safety. Both father and daughter were in tears pleading with one another. What Durge didn’t know is that the monks could speak orc and that this display convinced them that there was love between the two. The monks agreed to take Sveta and had to drag her from Durge’s arms. Durge sat in that spot until his daughter was out of sight, stood up, and began to walk back to Helegrod. That was the last time Sveta ever saw her father.

For the next several years Sveta studied under the monks. Perhaps it was her half orc heritage or her physical prowess, which was superior, but the monks seemed to expect far more from Sveta than the other students. All the while, Sveta never forgot her father or her Stonecleave heritage. On her 16th birthday Sveta slipped out of her room, just as she had done so many years ago, and left the monastery forever. She wanted to make her own life and hopefully find her father again.

As she traveled Merethil she encountered discrimination and hatred at nearly every turn. No matter how hard she tried no one would ever accept her heritage or her smell. Finally, after an especially violent encounter with a Merethilian militia, Sveta stowed away on a ship bound for Freeport.

Arriving in Freeport she was shocked to find that no one seemed to care about her orc blood or her smell. Here in Freeport, Sveta thought, was the place to start her life over. Here she could embrace life, be accepted, and join in the orc revelries at Crom’s Throat!

Sveta Knucklebone

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