Ever met a half-giant dwarf who wanted to surf?


I’m not sure but he’s like 7’10


KORD!” nuff said… well there’s a little more

Grishma is the name, of the monster that I have become in my village’s eyes. Before being forced to leave my village, I was known as Oren, I lived in a village called Zerah in the northen wastes of Helegrod. I was blessed (cursed some might say) with my great- great grandfathers height and strength .. which was rumored to be gaint. Even from a early age I was viewed as a freak. As the story goes I was to be sent back to the heavens for the crimes of our village’s weakness failing to keep the village “pure”. The night I was to be slain I was placed upon the stone altar of Malar, a cult of aspect of Kord that my village revered. When the Tribal shamam came to silence my cries and ask for the village’s forgivness, I kicked the ritual knife out of his hand and sat up no longer crying. This was taken as a sign that I was not sent as an offering but as a blessing meant to help my villages plights in the times ahead.
p. My 13th birthday I was to go with the hunters in my first hunt. Since my Height and strength already outpaced my peers and I was quickly allowed to travel with elder huntsman. We were to follow the Moose herd on their fall migration. On the evening of the first night out, my tribe of hunters was ambushed a pack of dire wolves, also following the moose. My older brother Udo was hurt, my elders asked me to call upon the power of Kord and aid his wounds. It was unfortunate that I had already spent my abilities by selfishly aiding my sword arm instead of using my power to heal. The hunters saw the attack and my loss of power as ill fortune upon the whole hunt. I was asked to carry back Udo to the village shaman for a proper tending.p.
p. When we arrived back to the village, Udo was healed, but now carried a scar and the shame of being sent back on his first hunt. My father seeing me as a continual cause of shame and distraction to the village used the accident as reason to banish me from the village. I remember the words well, " Malar may have saved you that night, but for what reason? A cruel joke the gods have placed upon us in saving you, no, now my true son will live as a beggar to our village, wounded by demon dogs. When my time comes to step down as village I will not have the village look to you as the next member of the circle where Udo’s position was secured. Your powers fail us when we need them most, and only seem to create fear and cause chaos when we need order. You are no longer our son, the Tribe of Zehar will no longer call you son, or warrior, instead we look upon you now and only see a monster who replaced my son and took my wife who delivered you, You truly have brought pain and misery to our village since the night you were spared, be off and never return. Never use your given name as it surely will bring more pain and misery among OUR people.

After that night I left, I managed to find work upon a merchant vessel heading to Freeport. There I signed up as a city watch member. Now I wait for the time to actually save my village, where they no longer know me as Oren, but as the world knows me as Grishma.


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