Moving On

After using Orek’s fly spell to shuttle the party across the river Styx a day and a half march through Oblivion’s End lay ahead of you. Oblivion’s End is a desolate desert where the very ground you walk upon consists of the finely ground bones of millions of Orcus’ victims. Orek warned that incorporeal undead gather in this region. Still accompanied by the small quasit the party set out south east into Oblivion’s End.

The first days march saw the party fighting constant wind storms that blew the bone dust into huge clouds that obscured vision. However, through the haze the sharp eyes of Sveta could see the shadowy undead pacing the party to your left and right. Jia did what she could to ward the party against undead but there seemed to be too many undead to guarantee that her spells would carry the party through. Towards the end of the first day several of the party could see silhouetted against the sky eleven huge pillars of rock standing forty and fifty feet tall like islands in the ocean of bone. Needing a place to rest the party made for the standing stones. As you approached the undead quickly scattered leaving you an uneasy feeling.

Orek used dimension door to move several party members on top of one of the taller stones leaving Sveta and Edge below. From the top the party could see dozens of bodies on top of the stones. Most still clutching whatever possessions they had in life. You presumed that many of these wretches starved to death atop the stone. Only seconds later a gigantic worm, seemingly the cross between a purple worm and a fiend, burst from the ground. Standing thirty feet high the only refuge one could find would be on top of the tallest stones. Edge and Sveta quickly sprung into action attacking the worm.


Suddenly two more worms surfaced while the first grabbed Edge in its toothy maw. Realizing that you had to act quickly Joselyn leaped from the top of the stone attacking the worm holding Edge. Unable to break free Edge was being crush to death in the creatures horrid mouth. After a coordinated attack by the party the first worm was brought down. Sveta and Joselyn each moved to stop the other two worms while Omar and Mirari fired arrows into the beasts. Orek was having some difficulties penetrating the beasts spell resistances but managed to strike some crippling blows.

During the melee Sveta was swallowed by one of the worms but she managed to use a flurry of blows to blast an opening in the worm’s throat and pull herself free. After the two remaining worms were killed Mirari could see in the distance that many more were burrowing their way to the standing stones. Terribly weakened the party took refuge on top of the tallest stone. There you healed your wounds before the worms arrived.

Stranded but with ample food and water you decided to wait until an opportunity presented itself. Later , while resting, a strange shimmering glow began to move from the east directly over you to the west. Once the aurora effect reached the western horizon ten worms erupted from the ground and stood facing the sky. There they stayed slowly waving their enormous bodies. Suddenly Sveta spotted several shapes in the desert spring up from the ground and begin running as fast as they could south east. Without a moment to lose Orek cast haste upon the group and you also began moving south east.

After force marching for twelve hours you reached the Final Hills. Failing to rest for the last 36 hours, you quickly began looking for a suitable place to camp. While searching the party could hear the sounds of battle near by. Omar moved to the ridge of a hill where he could see a giant finishing off a chasme. Bodies lay twisted and broken all about the giant. While victorious he seemed unmoved by defeating so many foes. He just sat at his camp fire hanging his head.

Omar tried to move silently while observing but the giant spoke, “are you here to fight me?” A little surprised Omar nervously repled “Heyyyyy buddy…” Suddenly the quasit began screaming “stay away from it! It will kill you!” The eyes of the giant grew as he flew to his feet and hurled a boulder at the tiny demon. The boulder caught the demon flush completely crushing him.

Joselyn asked why he killed the quasit but the giant simply replied “he serves Drog. I wont serve!” After speaking to the half-fiend giant for a time and earning his trust through healing you learned that the quasit was leading you into a trap. The little demon actually served the Glabrezu that you were moving to kill. The giant, named Raudrogdos, told you that the Glabrezu was one of many powerful demons that have been tasked by Orcus with conscripting an army. While Raudrogdos refused to join, his tribe of hill giants rallied to the Demon.

The entire party now joined Raudrogdos around his fire which seemed to be at the center of a large crater. The giant had intended to stay there until he was finally overcome by his enemies. He seemed to be deeply depressed and did not care if he lived or died. Mirari spoke at length with him trying to convince him to join them in attacking the Glabrezu. Before he made up his mind a Babau leading almost thirty gnolls and a goristro attacked.

The gnolls volleyed arrows into the party nearly killing Orek while the goristro attacked Raudrogdos. Edge, Sveta, Omar, and Joselyn waded into the gnolls while Mirari and the giant attacked the goristro and Babau. The gnolls were not much of a match for the party but the goristro nearly killed Mirari and Raudrogdos before he was brought down. With the battle going poorly the Babau teleported away.

After the battle Raudrogdos agreed to help you. However, after not resting for the last two days the party, nearly drained of spells, had to find a place to rest without interruption. Raudrogdos said that there were many crypts in the valleys to the east and that if they risk clearing a small one out they could hole up in one. Without any other options and knowing that staying in or near the crater could lead to more confrontations with the Glabrezu’s lackeys the party began marching east.

Moving On

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