Events of March 28, 2010
The Wastes of Thanatos

There are some who believe that the Abyss itself is a living thing, a bloated beast infinite in size and evil. Demons dwell within, the embodiment of the beasts rage and disdain for mortal life. Evil penetrates everything, from the demons you battle to the very air you breathe. The beast is pure evil. However, evil is not its only defining feature. The beast is all at once an endless ocean and burning desert, frigid tundra and volcanic wasteland, a labyrinth of rock and an endless void…forever changing. The beast is also chaos.

By its nature, it cannot help but corrupt all those who come here. Like a vulture, the beast watches mortals, those who dare trespass, enter its gaping maw and travel down its throat. Fury and rage building as the beast has to witness the tumor that is goodness and innocence enter it’s body unopposed. All the while plotting, scheming, and impatiently waiting for its chance to destroy the tumor forever. Whether through its children, the Tanaari and Obyrith, or through the horror that is the beast and its infinite faces, those pure of heart cannot remain long in its belly before their spirits become lost forever.

This is where the party finds itself. Fractured and fighting one another. There are some who have clearly been deeply affected by your short time in the Abyss. Compromises made for the sake of survival. Others stubbornly cling to an unwavering sense of goodness and honor, willing to even die, damned to the Abyss forever, without even a chance at the afterlife they had earned rather than stray an inch from their path. In Fighting

Characters Present: Sveta Knucklebone, Mirari, Joselin de Cassiel, Jia Liau, Grishma, Edge Sharpsword, Tomishii aka(Orek)

XP Award (APL 11): 1465

Roleplaying XP Bonus: Edge

Events of March 21, 2010
Into the Abyss

Treachery, deceit, lies and a fool’s errand probably best characterizes your time in the evilest of places. Where to even begin? One should expect deceit from the demons that dwell in the Abyss but when the party encountered the tortured soul of Katsuo, still entwined with the evil of Tharizdun, I did not expect what happened next. Into the Abyss

Characters Present: Sveta Knucklebone, Joselin de Cassiel, Jia Liau, Grishma, Edge Sharpsword, Tomishii aka(Orek), Omar

XP Award (APL 10): 2000 (650 story bonus)

Roleplaying XP Bonus: Omar

First Adventure Log for Adoraith's 2nd Campaign
Many months of sessions in one post

An extremely quick synopsis of events since the start of the campaign:

The party started out like so many adventuring groups in Freeport, scrounging for money and searching for adventure. Soon they were entwined in the political struggles of the free city. In particular they ran into trouble with the prominent Moore family when Cuthalion and Harrington Moore butted heads. This rivalry led to the first of many dubious moments for the party when Harrington was killed after an exchange in which he was knocked unconscious but his wounds had been bound. The Adventure Begins


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