Ohtaran Human Ranger/Occult Slayer


Sumaki was born in Ohtar and was raised with the belief that all other races, particularly elves, were inferior. This feeling of superiority turned into downright hatred when his father was killed by Grugach Elves, whom Sumaki believed served a green dragon. This was probably the single most formative event of Sumaki’s life as his hatred of elves and dragons was unequaled after his father’s death. Thus, at the ripe old age of 14 Sumaki answered his local lord’s call for warriors to finally eradicate a tribe of Grugach whose village lay less than one hundred miles from the Ohtaran Lord’s stronghold. They marched on the village only to find that most of the elven warriors were gone leaving the village almost completely undefended. The Ohtarans descended on the village sparing no one. For three days they remained in the area picking off elves that they could find. At the end of three days the began the march home only to find that the Grugach warriors, upon learning of their villages destruction marched on Sumaki’s village and left is a smoldering ruin. Sumaki’s mother and two younger sisters were among the dead. With nowhere else to go and deeply scarred by what had happened Sumaki left Ohtar and went to Freeport to become an adventurer and hopefully leave his past behind him.

Sumaki began as the party’s ranger but quickly fell out of favor. Ohtaran attitudes towards all other races is well known and Sumaki was never one to censor his feelings towards the non-human races. The racial tensions within the party hit a boiling point when the party was trying to find an underground passage to the north end of Freeport’s island. The party came across a caravan of Duergar slavers. While most of the party was distracted Brunetor, a Half Orc barbarian, and Kasia, the party rogue, subdued Sumaki and sold him to the slavers.

Sumaki resurfaced almost two years later only this time in the service of a retired adventurer, Rhal Bansdu, who had rescued him from the fighting pits of the underdark. The party now working for Rhal was told that Sumaki was to guide them to their next assignment. At this point Brunetor had died in the Battle of Bloodstone and Kasia shortly after the betrayal so the party assumed that they would be able to work together again. However, they had forgotten about Sumaki’s pleasant attitude and he immediately began expressing his displeasure with having to travel with an Elf (Edge) as well as his desire to find Brunetor’s grave and defile it. Edge and Sumaki continued to butt heads until the task was complete. Following the party’s exit from, Barad Torm, the ruined school of magic, Sumaki left the party again.

Nothing has been heard from Sumaki since it was revealed that Rhal Bansdu was actually Hans Drubal.

On a side note Cuthalion, although an elf, was the only party member Sumaki seemed to have a liking for.

Sumaki has now turned up in the company of his old party mate Cuthalion


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