Sototake Tanaka

Hobgoblin Warblade


Male Sessou Hobgoblin Warblade 10 (ECL 11 – calculated using the master-apprentice rules in DMG 2)

Age 37 (Middle aged, will reach venerable at 45, stats are age, race, level adjusted after straight 3d6 rolls)

Str 12 Dex 16 Con 14 Int 14,Wis 12 Cha 16

HP 94 (straight 9d12 rolls plus 12 for 1st level, I think I’m within about 3 of pure average rolls there)

AC 15 touch 15 flat 15 (unarmored) or 20 touch 15 flat 20 (if wearing armor, which is very rare). (AC usually heavily modified by use of combat expertise/greater experitse after first round of encounter)

Initiative +7 Fort +9 Ref +10 Will +4

BAB +10 Grapple +11

Feats : Master (upgraded from Apprentice as original 1st level feat), Combat Expertise, Blade Meditation [B] (B9S), Improved Initiative, Greater Combat Expertise, Quickdraw [B]

Skills (usually unarmored, no armor check penalty if wearing armor detailed in equipment section): Balance +15, Concentration +15, Diplomacy +15 (+25 if the wearing Courtier’s Obi), Intimidate +14, Jump +15, Knowledge/Local +10 (specifically for Freeport or areas outside tenraishima as appropriate), Move Silently +7, Sense Motive +7, Tumble +15.

Special Qualities: Darkvision 60’, +4 racial bonus on move silently

Special Abilities (Class abilities B9S Warblade) : Weapon Aptitude, Uncanny Dodge, Battle Ardor (critical confirmation), Improved Uncanny Dodge, Battle Cunning (damage).

Maneuvers Known (Disciplines DM = Diamond Mind, IH = Iron Heart) : Moment of Perfect Mind (1st DM), Action Before Thought (2nd DM), Mind Over Body (3rd DM), Insightful Strike (3rd DM), Bounding Assault (4th DM), Disarming Strike (2nd IH), Iron Heart Surge (3rd IH), Mithral Tornado (4th IH). [ met pre-reqs prior to maneuver swaps allowed at every even level ]

Maneuvers readied (5) – [This is most common setup, can change readied with 5 mins meditation/exercise] : Moment of Perfect Mind, Insightful Strike, Bounding Assault, Iron Heart Surge, Mithral Tornado.

Stances Known : Stance of Clarity (DM), Punishing Stance (IH), Absolute Steel Stance (IH)

Stances Readied: chosen each round as free action, Clarity is for single combat/duel, Punishing for additional damage, Absolute Steel is using a lot of mobility in combat.

Melee Attack w. Katana +13/+8 1d10+3 /19-20×2 – w/ Expertise 5 (+7 AC) +8/+3 1d10+3 /19-20×2 – w/ Greater Expertise 8 (+10 AC) +5/+0 1d10+3 /19-20×2

Possessions (11th level NPC gear, listed the one permanent magic item first and listed sources for unusual items) Cash = 135 GP

1 magic item selected Courtier’s Obi [OA +10 competence bonus on diplomacy checks 2000gp value]

Broken down as gear carried and stored.

Carried/worn at all times

Kakita Katana [OA] Key to seachest

Worn for most functions Courtier’s Outfit (priced as PHB royal outfit, fine silk) Courtier’s Obi [OA]

Worn for exercise Monk’s Outfit

Worn for Travel Explorer’s Outfit

Stored in Seachest w/ Superior Lock (DC 40)

Mithral Shirt [DMG] (almost always stored unless heavy combat expected) MWK Datsana [OA] (almost always stored unless heavy combat expected) (outfits, usually 1 of the following worn see above) 5 courtier’s outfits 3 Monks outfits 1 Explorer’s outfit Spyglass

Masterwork Potion Belt (almost always stored unless heavy combat expected) 3 Cure Serious 1 Haste 1 Shield of Faith +5 1 prot from arrows 10/magic 1 Bull’s Strength 1 Cat’s Grace 1 Eagle’s Splendor 1 Fox’s Cunning

Potion Belt (sometimes worn while travelling) 6 Cure Light 2 Shield of Faith +2


Chu-Sa Sototake Tanaka (Chu-Sa is a military rank, roughly equivalent to a Lieutenant Colonel, Honor name Sototake)

Tanaka was Katsuo’s former master who was captured by orcs while en-route to Freeport. He was tortured in an effort to break his will and for submission to sacrifice which would allow a demon be summoned into the prime material plane. Tanaka refused to submit and was found horribly disfigured by the party inside the Firestorm Peaks. He asked for an honorable death which the party granted. He is the father of Jinjiro who Katsuo took as a student after Tanaka’s death.

Sototake Tanaka

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