Goblin slave/rogue



Shruzegrap was a goblin slave that the party liberated from a band of bugbears who were looting the Yuan Ti ruins. With no where else to go and having spent the bulk of his life as a slave he began to follow the adventurers around. At first, the group was skeptical about having a goblin join them. However, Katsuo took Shruzegrap under his wing and taught him what he could. Soon, the little goblin became the lovable idiot that everyone enjoyed spoiling. Whenever the group found themselves in Freeport, the party would give Shruzegrap several hundred gold pieces to spend on whatever his heart desired which usually involved food, flashy clothes, giant hats, and women.

Shruzegrap was a strange fellow who often began and or ended every sentence he spoke with “Shruzegrap” whether his name contextually belonged or not. He was also prone to screaming “Shruzegrap!” whenever startled or excited.

Poor Shruzegrap was killed in the north eastern canyons of Hirkona when he was eaten by a hungry Tyrannosaur.



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