Sandek Tovak

Sergeant Major of the Sea Lord's Guard


Once a part of the underworld he now fights, Sandek is in a unique position to stamp out crime in Freeport. Once he was promoted into the position of Sergeant Major Sandek ran rough shot over the city’s criminals. Under his watch no thieves guild has been able to make a foothold in Freeport. While he serves the public interest the means by which he maintains order has been the subject of much controversy. However, so long as peace is maintained Sandek continues to have the support of the Captains Council.

Sandek’s dislike for non human races is obvious. He believes that they are at the heart of most of Freeport’s problems. When the party had its brush with the law during the Harrington Moore murder Sandek, regardless of proof, decided that the elf, Cuthalion, was guilty and during his interrogation took one of the elf’s ears as a souvenir.

Sandek Tovak

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