Half Elf Psion


Raziya is a filthy child, dressed in a soot-stained woolen dress with matted fleece ringing the cuffs. Her hair is long and so matted and clumped that its hard to tell its color (dark auburn). Her large green eyes and odd musical accent may betray her half-elven heritage to the observant.


When the party first met Raziya she was the strange feral girl who lived under the docks. A few of the party members tried to help her but she always ran from anyone who would reach out. Asking around you learned that she had appeared in Freeport just a couple of years earlier when a merchant crew found her stowing away aboard their ship.

Raziya appears to be about twelve years of age, of course no one can recall her ever appearing any different. Normally when young girls are stranded in such an unfriendly port they would be soon forced into prostitution or worse. However, Raziya has earned a reputation of being rather dangerous especially when she is under stress or in a panic. Unfriendly strangers and would be rapists often suddenly go blind or are inexplicably attacked by angry mobs, even their friends who moments earlier had been cheering them on, when they confront Raziya. Rumors and stories abound of those who push Raziya too far spontaneously bursting into flames and being reduces to ashes within seconds.

After observing Raziya for a time the party found where she made her home. She had made a nest for herself on a platform under the docks near Dorin’s Well. Visiting her home the party found many strange writings all over the ceilings and walls of her nook. Some of the writings appeared chaotic and difficult to read. While others were exquisitely artistic, the work of a calligraphy master. There were also pictures that varied between dark robed figures to bright sun sets and flowers. She was obviously a conflicted girl who carried many demons.

The only person who seemed to connect with Raziya was the dwarf Dorin who never actually pushed Raziya to communicate but slowly gained her trust by leaving food for the girl behind Dorin’s Well.

Soon the party realized that Raziya was trying communicate with them but through other individuals who warned the party of events developing in Freeport. Zahur, an elderly man with kindly features, Safiya, a young elven woman who carried many blades, and Alimah, an elderly elven woman all came to the party with warnings from Raziya. Finally the party discovered that not only did Raziya have multiple personalities but she also could project these personalities in physical form.

Raziya displays many personalities but three stand out above all. Zahur seems to be a father figure who is good at heart and would warn the party when they would stray into questionable acts. He is Raziya’s moral compass and treats her with a great deal of kindness. Safiya is a tough minded rogue who not only encourages devious behavior but also blames Raziya directly and wants her punished for “atrocities” committed in her past. Simultaneously, Safiya seems to be Raziya’s sense of self preservation and conscience which are often completely at odds with one another. Safiya has encouraged Raziya to steal food or misbehave but then turns around and scolds the small girl and has at times gone as far as call the guards to punish Raziya for her actions. Finally, Alimah exhibits Raziya’s intellectual and artistic side but rarely makes an appearance in public.

It wasn’t until the party discovered and began to explore Barad Torm, the ruins of a school of magic, that the mystery of Raziya’s past began to unravel. More than 500 years ago Barad Torm was a school for children who showed a gift for the arcane arts. However, early in the dragon wars it was attacked and destroyed by Tiamat’s forces. The party could find no historical reference to the school following the attack and no information on survivors could be found.

Upon entering the school it was clear from the start that something was not quite right about this place. Visions of the attack kept flashing before your eyes, the combatants appearing like apparitions and then fading again. Two figures seemed to dominate these visions. First was an elderly dwarf, who you later learned was the head master of the school, Osrith. The second figure was Raziya. Perplexed at how this small girl could still be alive so long after this school had been destroyed, you allowed the visions to unfold.

Pushing on you saw Tiamat’s forces storming the school and killing all in their path until they finally came upon Raziya and a large group of students. The draconic soldiers moved to attack the small girl but she simply froze, clenched her fists, and stared at them with a deep hatred. Suddenly flames burst up around Raziya and the attackers. Within seconds the soldiers were dead but her rage had also consumed the many students that were trapped with her. Raziya stood alone surrounded by smoke and ash.

The party speculated that this place was somehow stuck in time and that Raziya was somehow involved. This was confirmed when you encountered the apparition of Osrith again. He explained that the girl was a being of immense power, a transcendent being, and that the draconic forces had come for her. While she was born a half elf her psionic powers had become so great in a short period of time that she had little control over them and allowed her emotions to control their use. Most of the time the use of her powers were as a knee jerk reaction to her emotional state.

Osrith also revealed that this was not the first time that someone had tried to use her for their own ends. Before coming to the school Cultists of Tharizdun, led by Hans Drubal, had taken her but aside from confirming that she was their captive she had never spoke of the events that transpired. It was after her captivity that the personalities began to manifest themselves. Finally, the head master told you that this girl could be a great danger to herself and others without guidance.

Upon the party’s return to Freeport Joselin made it a point to try and connect with Raziya. Gaining her trust is no easy feat but slowly Joselin has made progress. On one occasion Raziya opened up to Joselin telling him that Drubal made her do and see “terrible things” but would not elaborate further. Of one thing you are certain, she fears Hans Drubal more than anyone.

Since connecting with Joselin, Raziya has demonstrated an ability to sense when great danger is near her and used that ability to call to the Paladin for help.


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