Half-Fiend Hill Giant


Raudrogdos is an exceptionally tall hill giant standing 14 feet tall. While he is half fiend he has only a few fiendish features. Most notably, he has two small horns on his forehead. Raudrogdos’ hair is long and white which stands out even more due to his reddish brown skin.


Raudrogdos is tired. Tired of fighting, demons, killing, hatred, and most of all his own life. When the party found him he was sitting at a large campfire surrounded by the corpses of many demons and gnolls. He had resolved to stay in his camp until his enemies had overrun him. Raudrogdos had defied a local demon lord who ordered him to join the ranks of the demon’s army. His defiance had led to the carnage in Raudrogdos’ camp as the demon sent a force to deal with the giant. After showing compassion for the giant and speaking to him about their quest, the party convinced Raudrogdos to join them in attacking the demon, a Glabrezu.

While he may have been evil at one time no evil was detected from Raudrogdos when sensed by a Paladin.


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