Human Rogue Scout


STR: 16 | DEX: 19 | CON: 14 | INT: 14 | WIS: 10 | CHR: 14

Young, daring, and oddly enough, honorable and trustworthy. This lovely young woman is a survivor of many battles even from a young age and uses this experience to get through some of the worst assaults a mortal can endure. Having seen a multitude of sights that most beings only dream of, she continues to stand by her companions even when the going is rough and doesn’t yield to even the worst of foes.


In the western portion of Merethil, a village with a name long forgotten was destroyed by invading orcs. After the brutal destruction, most of the children and a few of the women and elders of the community had been fortunate enough to survive by hiding in underground storage rooms to keep meats and other items cool. By anticipating the possibility of invasion, though unlikely so far into the country, the foresight to create these rooms with the capability of being used as a safety shelter saved several lives.

The survivors were found by a ranger that had tracked the path of the Orcs and eventually was able to assist in relocation efforts. Arador, the ranger, decided that he would keep one particular baby who’s parents had not survived. Arador and his wife Merrain, could not have children or their own, so they were immensely pleased with the chance to adopt this child whom they named Mirari.

The years went by and Mirari grew up in her new home, the village of Woodspring under the care of her adoptive parents. She was taught many varied things; her father taught her the ways of defending herself and basic survival while her mother taught her about life and the ways of people, animals and nature. Each parent wanted her to understand the world she lived in and eventually take with her that knowledge, no matter what path she chose in life.

Though the village of Woodspring was not a great distance from the borders of Helegrod or Morodra, it was far enough from either to keep the people village out of harms way. But, as with most things in life, harm comes to all persons at some point and it was no different for these people. A particularly vicious raiding band of orcs with a strong blood lust and taste for destruction attacked the village. There was very little that could be done. Mirari’s parents helped in the defense of their home, yet their efforts were not nearly effective enough. Her parents and almost all the villagers were butchered.

Mirari had just turned 17 years of age the week before. Her birthday gift was one most horrid as she and a handful of others – mostly females – were taken hostage. The captives were teased, taunted and tortured. They were fed with what was barely able to be called nourishment and water that was often times putrid. The orcs laughed and jeered as their trophies ate and drank from near starvation and cheered as one by one they were humiliated by being beaten or worse. After they could no longer serve as slaves by weakness or illness, they were eliminated by a variety of means. The males went first, mostly due to the harshest suffering. The females, though lasting longer, suffered as badly. By chance perhaps, Mirari had suffered the least and lived to be the lone survivor. Though, having lived through this time in her life and seeing and experiencing the things she did, it may not be called fortunate by some. Nevertheless, she survived.

This fortune would one day manifest in her escape. A friend of her family and an old partner of her father had tracked the party for almost 3 months and eventually found his chance to take action. The raiders ran into a militia squadron and during the heat of battle he freed Mirari and swept her of to safety. The old friend helped her travel for days before stopping at an old cabin for rest. It was his home and where he began nursing Mirari back to health.

It would take months before Mirari would truly feel normal again, and even then she would not be the same. The events of almost a year now had changed her and taught her many things about life. The old friend also taught her a few things as well, most importantly about the cities of Merethil and of Freeport particularly. This was his best and last true gift to her as he passed not too many weeks later. He was getting old aged and had caught a particularly bad illness that caused his life to expire.

Now armed with the knowledge of city life and a letter sealed to a someone she’d been instructed to deliver it to, she headed for Freeport. Once there and through much searching, Mirari found the man she was instructed to meet and gave him the letter. It was an introduction to an old ally of her parents and their friend. He was what most might call a rogue, but was not what appearances would seem… mostly. The man took Mirari into his care and over the next couple of years taught her what she would need to survive in a city. Once he found she could truly be trusted, he told her much about who he was and many stories about his past and about her parents. They were adventurers once upon a time and he was at one time a street rat that had fell into a life that would most likely lead to an early grave until her father had rescued him. He now and for many years since the friends had retired from adventuring, had been working for the city. He kept up the appearances as a mostly honest smuggler and former mercenary that knew how to be discreet and didn’t betray his acquaintances. In reality he was a spy and worked to keep the peace in the city. Most of this was done by associations that kept him well informed and though most thieves and such were not his concern, it did give him knowledge of larger issues such as assassinations, murders, and many of the unsavory things life has to offer from the most common to the most “noble.”

Mirari and the rogue have become very close over the last few years and view themselves as adoptive father and daughter. She still keeps her parents in her heart and mind, and she has learned to understand about death and move on with her life and remembers them always. Now she tries to live a life of adventure, whether within the city walls or without and searches out new places and experiences… and even a little money when it presents itself.


Adoraith Christophoros