Lady Christine of Bloodstone

Druid look like a Lady.


STR-10 DEX-14 CON-12 INT-14 WIS-16 CHA-17



The beautiful and proud Lady of Bloodstone joined the party after the Battle of Bloodstone. She has shown an interest in Joscelin, but refused to take him while he contined his Sune-approved dalliances.

She followed the party until the incident with Edge at the Morodra/Ohtar/Merethil border. After this incident, Joscelin insisted that she return home to her father in Bloodstone. He promised that he would return to her someday. But because he, as well as the rest of the party, are now fugitives in both Morodra and Merethil and Bloodstone now plays host to a Morodran battalion, the return has been delayed.

She is fierce in her convictions and desires to play a part in the righting of wrongs rather than simply sitting aside as so many of the nobles women have been known to do.

Lady Christine of Bloodstone

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