Jia Liau

Fighter1/Cleric4/Combat Medic4


STR-10 DEX-13 CON-12 INT-12 WIS-17 CHA-16




An Ohtaran soldier, she was one of the converts of Petron when he spread the Word of Pelor through the Ohtaran lands. She swore a Vow of Pacifism and leared the priest’s path to Pelor. She believes all humaniods can be redeemed of their evil acts and will do all in her power to lead them to that redemption.

She chose to follow Joscelin, a Paladin of Sune, because Petron showed a respect for him. The Robes of Petron, which became a magical relic upon his martyrdom, have passed to Jia through Joscelin.

Though she will heal the enemies of the party in hopes of their redemption, she has no compunction about destroying undead and evil outsiders as they are “beyond hope”.

Jia Liau

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