Heavy Feather

A griffon of surprising intelligence but a complete lack of grace in the air


The party met Heavy Feather while searching the Yuan Ti ruins in the valley north of Freeport. He surprised the party with his skillful use of the common language and was helpful and friendly. Heavy Feather and his flock served a large female silver dragon before she was slain by Ohtaran Dragon Slayers. After the Yuan Ti moved back into the city the griffons joined the Dryad, Althea, in defending a silver wyrmling. While they fought valiantly, Althea was killed and the wyrmling taken (though later rescued by the party) by the Yuan Ti.

Heavy Feather and his flock remain in the valley living on the cliffs and jungle canopy above the city.

Heavy Feather earned his name due to his less than graceful crash landings.

Heavy Feather

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