Elf Rogue


Eardraug was first mate aboard Lolinder’s pirate vessel the Edge Rider and joined the party to help them find their way through the Firestorm Peaks. Following that adventure he followed the party back to the Yuan Ti ruins to recover the body of Lolinder’s son, Cuthalion. However, he never reached the ruins being killed in an ambush by a sword spider.

STR-12 DEX-17 CON-10 INT-18 WIS-14 CHA-11




The Sea Wolf

Eardraug (Air-drowg), known as the Sea Wolf was orphaned long before his earliest memories. As a young elf he lived on the streets of Freeport. Somehow he managed on the scraps he would find around the docks, living under the boardwalks. His lone possession was a medallion fashioned in the shape of a wolf’s head. He has worn it as long as he can remember and wears it to this day.

During that time as a youth on the docks of Freeport, he was taken in by a crewmember of the Edge Rider named Helmir. Helmir convinced Lolinder to take the boy on as a cabin boy. As the years passed by he quickly made himself useful on board the ship. He learned the tasks of a sailor and a pirate. Fighting, navigation, the ways of the sea, and anything he could put his hand to. While the crew always appreciated the extra hand, it was often said that he seemed unusually serious and dour for a young elf lad. The truth was, he resented his own need for help and went about to prove, to himself and others, that he would make something of himself.

As he matured he found himself more and more useful to Lolinder. He became known as “The Sea Wolf” by the crew members because of his ruthless nature on boarding parties and raids. “Aye, when Lolinder let’s loose of the lad’s leash, the fangs come out and pity the man who happens to be in the Wolf’s way.” Though not one to harming innocents, he was also not prone to taking prisoners. “Ransom is all fine and good, but I’d rather have the coin in my pouch than have to worry about it slipping away.”

Having had his fair share of troubles with the Freeport authorities, he avoided entering town most times. When Lolinder was attacked by Sondeck’s men, Eardraug was more than willing to set said immediately.

Now, as first mate of the Edge Rider, he finds himself at sea with Lolinder once again. A party of adventurers who had been companions of Lolinder’s son, has just been dropped on the shore as a raiding party against the orc army. Perhaps his ambition has gotten the better of him as he approached Lolinder.

“Permission the follow them into the mountain sir? Perhaps it could be to our benefit to have one of our own with them. Keep them out of trouble. Not to mention there are a few orc vessels in there that might bring a fair bounty from the Captain’s Council in Freeport. Enough to build a couple more ships like the Edge Rider. Perhaps start your own fleet?”

“I can keep an eye on this bunch. Make sure we get our payday.”


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