Dorin Selbergeld

Dwarven owner of Dorin's Well


Dorin has lived in Freeport for as long as anyone can recall. Dorin’s Well is a local tavern and inn that is as close to an adventurers guild as one can find in Freeport. This “guild” evolved over time as a result of Dorin’s extensive knowledge of the area and the fact that he employs a Drow, named Celia, who is an extremely skilled arcane spell caster. Celia is a refugee from the Underdark who came to Dorin accidentally when an angry mob chased her into the well. She is extremely loyal to Dorin and offers a unique service that no other can in Freeport. She uses her extensive knowledge in the arcane arts to identify, research, trade, and buy magical items. Over time, the residents of Freeport have grown to tolerate the presence of the drow spell caster in their community. However, she virtually never leaves Dorin’s Well for fear of the mob. Dorin’s Well also features Hevedol, an extremely skilled warrior who trains adventurers for a fee. In addition Dorin is an incredibly skilled smith whose reputation is known far and wide. His wares are in high demand although he rarely crafts weapons and armor these days.

Recently it was revealed that Dorin was actually a huge silver dragon that had shape changed into a dwarf to avoid dragon slayers. His daughter, who dwelt on the north end of the island, was killed by Ohtaran dragon slayers. The party fought the Ohtarans to recover her body for a distraught (and drunk) Dorin. It was at this point that the party suspected the truth. Later the party learned that Dorin was also a grandfather and that in the chaos of the Ohtaran attack a silver wyrmling was left behind. The wyrmling was eventually rescued from Yuan Ti who were seeking to claim a ransom for its capture. This wyrmling was taken to the dragon havens in Tenraishima.

Dorin has often hinted to the party that his presence in Freeport was not an accident. That he was serving some sort of higher purpose there. However, the party failed to learn this purpose before Hans Drubal used a magical orb, that was recovered by the party, to enslave Dorin to his will.

Dorin Selbergeld

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