Dair Thundermane

Minotaur Monk


STR-20 DEX-13 CON-13 INT-7 WIS-16 CHA-10

AC- 17



Born in a Minotaur village near the Helegrod/Achaen border. His were a people forged of war. Whether it be monstrous beasts, orc raiders, or Achaen conquerors, Ko’Dair Bregan’s people were seemingly at war with the world. Strength and valor were prized above all else. Weakness was despised and culled. Little did the Chief realize when his eldest son came into the world, that his own honor would become suspect.

Only as his first year came to an end did Ko’Dair’s parents begin to understand that their child was not developing as quickly as he should. Still, with patience they waited for him to catch up to the others. After all, he was descended from fine stock.

Two more years passed. The whispers throughout the village grew louder. The gods had punished the Chief by giving him an imbecile for a son. Were he a human, perhaps he could be a fool in some lordly court. But here, in a place where weakness could bring death what place could the child have? He would have to be cast out.

The Chief himself would be responsible to rid the village of the child. A penance to appease the gods and bring back glory to the village. One morning he walked out into the wild with his young son eagerly following. After about an hour of walking without saying a word to the boy, the Minotaur Chief stopped in a clearing.

In the center of the clearing was a large, flat boulder. There were runes carved into it’s side and the top of the boulder was darkened from decades of “weak blood”. Ko’Dair was led to the rock and then his hands were bound. The innocent child unaware of his own danger, thinking that his father was actually playing a game with him. His smiling eyes looked up in the stern countenance of his father. “Time for me to rid myself of this dishonor”, Chief Bregan coldly stated.

“Leave the child be”, said another voice from beyond the clearing. As Bregan looked up an unimpressive human walked into the clearing. He had a long white beard and walked with a staff. A commoner’s clothing covered his scant form.

“If you interfere with me, old man, I will sacrifice you to the gods as well. This is none of your concern.”

The man tilted his head, “I see an innocent life that needs protection. THAT is my concern.”

With a roar of anger, Chief Bregan charged the man, his mighty horns lowered to pierce the old human. However, as the mighty minotaur reached the man, he easily side-stepped the beast and struck him with his fist. The minotaur stopped suddenly. He seemed unable to move or react to anything.

The old man untied Ko’Dair’s hands and looked him over with a gentle smile. “Well, I suppose if you’re going to stay with me I’m going to have to know what to call you. What’s your name boy?”

The young minotaur smiled. He was not used to being treated as an equal or asked questions. Tapping his hand on his chest, he responded, “Dair. Dair. Dair.”

“Dair it is then. I am called Master Kimblin Thundermane. We should be heading out of here soon. That big fella is going to come to his senses soon, and he won’t be too happy.”

Chief Bregan found himself alone in the center of a quiet clearing.

Master Thundermane raised Dair from that point on. He taught him what he could of the ways of a monk. He taught him that he could overcome his own disabilities and weaknesses by making himself better. Though not gentle, Master Thundermane was patient with Dair for many, many years. Dair grew quite large and strong, as his people do. His own character grew to mirror the compassionate nature of his mentor.

After spending fifteen years with Master Thundermane he was called into his mentor’s room one night. “Though I do not look it Dair, I am very old. My time has come to it’s end and I fear that I have yet to teach you all that you need to live without me. However, I no longer have the time to teach you more. When I am gone, you must make your way in the world. You must seek out your own path.”

“Dair. There are many who will misunderstand you. They will call you foolish and stupid because they do not see you as I do. They will believe you to be easily manipulated, but you will use that to your advantage. Let them think you a fool. Fools are often overlooked and underestimated.”

“I have given you tools with which you can rise above this mortal flesh and become something greater than either of us can understand right now. Take my name, for you are my son. Not of my flesh, but of my spirit. Dair Thundermane, you are now your own master. Teach yourself the things which I cannot.”

As Dair sat quietly next to his master he thought on the things that were said. He did not understand them all, but he knew that his master was leaving and would not return. It made him afraid. He knew what he was. He knew that he was not as smart as everybody else. And then he knew that he was alone.

He turned to see his Master, his father lying in death, a gentle smile on his face.

Dair was traveling with the party to assist in the rescue of Katsuo’s mentor, Tanaka, when the party was attacked by a Dire Bear. Dair bravely leaped forward to meet the bear but was grappled. While struggling for freedom Lyra, the party’s scout, fired an arrow critically hitting Dair killing him instantly.

Dair Thundermane

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