20 year old female Half-Elf. Has green eyes and Auburn hair. 5'5" tall and weighs 125 pounds. She is Chaotic Neutral in nature and is a worshipper of Demeter.


The first thing she can remember is servitude. Those that had been there awhile say that she was left on the steps of the Achaen lord’s home no more than a babe. Who left her there or why is a mystery. The lord himself certainly never had any interest in her and she grew up amongst the other servant’s children.

While she was fed and sheltered, none could say that she was truly loved by any of the household. More often than not she was chastised and chased away while the servants were about their duties. As she grew older the harder and baser duties landed to her. After all, she was one of those half-breeds. Her own parents didn’t want her, why should anyone else?

All of this led to her prickly personality. After years of being called pointy-ears, the folk of the house settled her with the name Cynara (which means “thistle” in Achaen). A bit smaller than the other children, she still never backed down from the bullying that occurred.

One day a stable boy was giving her trouble as she carried a bucket across the yard. For his trouble, Cynara splintered the bucket over his head and kicked him in the ribs. He was twice her size, yet she never hesitated. One of the lord’s men, Zeno, saw the confrontation. He was on his way out to hunt for his master’s table and thought perhaps it would be best for the girl to not be around when the boy woke up. He grabbed her by her ear and dragged her out the front gate. “Let’s put all the energy to good use,” he chuckled as he led her into the wild.

That was her first time out ranging with Zeno. She found that she had a knack for it. Zeno didn’t talk much while they were in the wild. She liked that as well. He showed how to help him hunt and what it meant to survive in the wild. As she got older he took her further and further out. It was as close to happiness as she had ever known. Of course, it could not last.

Zeno was killed during a skirmish with a rival Achaen lord. When he did not return from battle Cynara was lost. She stole away from the keep and headed in no particular direction. She survived on what Zeno had taught her and after three months found her way to a port city. The city was larger than anything that she had seen before. She didn’t know what she wanted or where she wanted to be, but she knew she didn’t want to be in Achaea any longer.

She crept onto one of the ships that night and stowed away in the cargo hold. It took the pirates nearly a week before they found her. The captain, an imposing Minotaur named Ko’Dair, found the angry little half-elf amusing, so he let her live. She did, more or less, what she was told on the vessel, but was never really comfortable at sea. Whenever they pulled ashore for supply that was when she showed her worth. Fruits, meat, roots, fresh water…… There was nothing that Cynara couldn’t find to supply the ship. Ko’Dair decided to use her fully in that capacity.

Up until the last few days, that was where she had been.

With all that had been going on in the world, Ko’Dair had commanded that the ship stay at sea whenever possible. They hadn’t put into a port in months. Stopping long enough to row ashore and let Cynara find what they needed.

A few days ago they were trolling along the shore of Khemet when a strange storm came up from no where. It was like nothing any of them had ever seen. The violence of the storm was literally tearing the ship apart when Cynara decided to gather her belongings together and try to swim for shore. The boat snapped into a hundred pieces as she hit the water. It seemed she fought for shore for hours, her gear trying to drag her down into the depths. Then there was darkness.

How long she had been asleep she could not tell. The storm was long gone and there was only broken timbers along the shoreline. Making sure she had all of her belongings, she headed down the shore toward a fishing village she vaguely remembered.


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