Dryad of the North Valley


Althea is a dryad who lived in the North Valley. Her Tree was located in a remote area of the Yuan Ti ruins. She spent her life trying to ensure that that Jungle reclaim these ruins and worked against the incursion of Yuan Ti and other humanoids. Aiding her was a young female silver dragon who eventually met her end at the hands of Ohtaran Dragon Slayers. During the attack Althea, at the dragon’s request, hid the Silver Dragon’s most prized possession, her egg.

At first Althea entrusted the egg to a large clan of bullywugs who she convinced that the egg was divine. They worshiped the egg as a god for a short time keeping it safe from Bugbears and other humanoids. However, after being tricked by a band of drow who had learned of the orphaned egg, a band of adventurers led a large force of bugbears against the bullywugs. In a relatively short battle the bullywugs were smashed but the party failed to take the egg. A griffon named Heavy Feather swooped in and grabbed the egg before it could be captured.

Unfortunately, Lyra, fired an arrow trying to bring down the griffon but critted the egg instead. Realizing that they had made a terrible mistake they confronted the drow, who had used illusions to hide their identity, and drove them off. The party went to Althea and offered to help her heal the egg which had begun to hatch under the stress of combat. Somehow, the hatchling survived the arrow and Althea began caring for the dragon herself.

Althea was killed, and her tree burned, when the Yuan Ti moved back into the valley. The Yuan Ti took the silver wyrmling and planned to sell it but the party managed to rescue the dragon before this could happen.


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