Events of May 9, 2010



Hell. The word conjures images of despair, oppression, torture, and damnation. The 9 Hells is a place of evil beyond imagination. Ironically each and every one of us owes a huge debt of gratitude to the Dukes of Hell. It was the Dukes of Hell who first recognized the dangers of an Abyss unchecked and it is the Dukes who, to this day, wage a war against the never ending hordes of the Abyss. If it were not for constant warfare culling the demons of the Abyss the rest of the multiverse would have been overrun long ago. Even so, it is to this unspeakable place that you must go to destroy a devil and free Hans Drubal. Reunion Continued

Characters Present: Mirari, Grishma, Tomishii aka(Orek), Sveta Knucklebone, Joselin de Cassiel, Jia Liau

XP Award (APL 11): 1465

Roleplaying XP Bonus: Joselyn



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