Events of June 27 - September 19, 2010

Celestials Enter the Battle


Thanks to all for being patient during my back surgery. I am working to get all of the updates written as soon as possible. Be sure to post if I forgot to mention something important or funny :) Anyway, the story continues:

The room grew silent after the battle subsided. Jia quickly began tending to the wounded while Joselin and Orek tried to figure out how to free Mirari from the mirror. Before long the silence was broken with the sound of stumbling footsteps. Ravage had reappeared on the balcony overlooking the arena. He appeared dazed, barely able to stand, and leaned heavily on the balcony railing. With the party looking on his eyes seemed to roll back as he toppled over the edge to the arena floor. Again, everyone stood silent fearing that this was another one of Ravage’s tricks.

Celestials Continued

XP Award Over 5 Sessions (APL 12): 8375 (500 story bonus)

Roleplaying XP Bonus: Sveta, Grishma, Joselin, Sveta, Omar



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