Events of June 13, 2010

Hans Drubal Unleashed


Up to this point your ocean voyage had been fairly uneventful.  The signs of battle were all around but your skilled captain managed to avoid all but a single combat.  While debris from warships was encountered daily no bodies were ever found in the wreckage.  At least until the ship was but a day from land when the water became choked with corpses.  As unnerving as seeing so many dead was it was even more unsettling to see that each and every body you inspected had no visible wounds whatsoever.  It was almost as if their very life force had been wrenched from them.  The presence of some unnatural evil was magnified by the complete absence of wildlife.  No sharks, fish, birds, or creatures of any kind could be seen for miles around. Unleashed Continued

Characters Present: Mirari, Grishma, Tomishii aka(Orek), Sveta Knucklebone, Joselin de Cassiel, Jia Liau

XP Award (APL 12): 2575 (1000 story bonus)

Roleplaying XP Bonus: Joselin



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