Events of April 25, 2010

Nothing is as it seems

Abyssal Standing atop the 300 foot stone the party could peer down at the fortress below. From here it didn’t look as large as the others you had seen since coming to the Abyss but you were unsure how much of the structure was built into the rock itself. Looking around you could see a vast army encamped outside its jagged walls. The bulk of the force seemed to be comprised of humanoids and giantkin which were haphazardly camped closest to the fortress outer wall with a ring of demonic forces enclosing them on the exterior. Flowing through the camp and directly into the fortress was a tributary of the river styx that seemed to be deliberately diverted to this location. Continue the Journey

Characters Present: Mirari, Grishma, Tomishii aka(Orek), Edge Sharpsword, Joselin de Cassiel, Jia Liau

XP Award (APL 11): 1465

Roleplaying XP Bonus: Joselin



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